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  • How Do I Maximize Delegation Effectiveness?

    How Do I Maximize Delegation Effectiveness?

    By Eric Bloom — To maintain a laundry’s effectiveness, a manager needs to effectively delegate certain tasks.  Like all management activities, delegation must be done in a thoughtful, ethical and forward-thinking manner. To that end, consider the following tips when delegating tasks to your staff, contractors, vendors and others. 1. Clearly define what can and cannot

  • Taking Charge of Wash Quality  

    Taking Charge of Wash Quality  

    By Rich Fitzmorris — Many times if you ask who is responsible for wash quality, owners, GM’s, production managers, department heads and team members will answer – the chemical company. Although chemical companies supply chemistry, often program the washing equipment and sometimes have service technicians offer ‘value added’ help — a chemical company is not

  • Measuring Operational Performance Through Metrics

    Measuring Operational Performance Through Metrics

    By Joe Gudenburr, President, G.A. Braun Inc. — Business metrics, or a quantifiable measure that tracks, monitors and assesses the success or failure of business processes are an invaluable tool to any facility. However, with regard to the processing environment in a laundry, many facilities do not use metrics, or make limited use of the

  • Managing Irate Customers or Employees

    Managing Irate Customers or Employees

    By Joe Curcillo — As a manager, chances are you’ve been faced with this scenario.  It could be an angry authoritative customer on the phone with your assistant or an employee waiting outside your door – but someone is demanding your attention and help. You recognize that how you handle the next few seconds will

  • Winter Is Here So Is Our Nemesis – Static Electricity  

    Winter Is Here So Is Our Nemesis – Static Electricity  

    By Rich Fitzmorris — The summer months offer relief from the laundry monster ‘static electricity’ because in general, humidity is high enough to combat the charges generated between textiles and a converting source.  But winter brings the ‘shocking’ return of static to our laundries. During winter months, most of the country experiences low moisture and relative humidity.

  • Maximizing Delegation Effectiveness

    Maximizing Delegation Effectiveness

    By Eric Bloom One of the great things about being a manager is that you can delegate various types of tasks to other people instead of having to do them yourself. This may sound like a rather cavalier statement, but it’s true. As a manager, to do your job efficiently and effectively, you must delegate

  • The Beauty of Barriers

    The Beauty of Barriers

    By Al Adcock, B&C Technologies — During a hospital stay patients spend most, if not all, of their time in bed surrounded by hospital linens. Patients have more contact with gowns, sheets and blankets than anything else in the hospital. That’s why it’s important to make sure that those linens are properly cleaned, dried and

  • Maintaining Laundry Equipment

    Maintaining Laundry Equipment

      By Al Adcock, B&C Technologies   After a long working season, it’s tempting for hospitality laundries to turn off the main panel breaker and lock the laundry room door. However, end-of season is the perfect time for hospitality laundries – or any laundry – to conduct a thorough maintenance inspection. So grab a pen

  • Building a Laundry (Part 1)

    Building a Laundry (Part 1)

    By Hugh Gilmore, PhD, Senior Consultant, Water Energy/Laundry Consulting Bob Beddingfield, Owner, Water Energy/Laundry Consulting Whether you’re building a new laundry from scratch or updating / re-building an existing facility, the project can be rife with challenges. Although you may not be able to avoid all ensuing ‘learning opportunities’ there are certain things to consider