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  • Content Team Members = Good Business

    Content Team Members = Good Business

    By Craig Lloyd, LaundryCareers.com “I have seen the enemy – and it is us.” The quote taken from the Pogo cartoon strip rings true in many areas of our life, and I think of it sometimes when I hear managers tell me they cannot find good candidates to hire. The examples I use below are

  • Building a Laundry (Part 2)

    Building a Laundry (Part 2)

    By Hugh Gilmore, PhD, Senior Consultant, Water Energy/Laundry Consulting Bob Beddingfield, Owner, Water Energy/Laundry Consulting Last week we explored five important points to consider when building a laundry. This week, our authors outline five additional points you should consider – whether you’re building a new laundry from scratch or updating / re-building an existing facility.

  • Four Reasons to Install New Equipment That Puts You in Control

    Four Reasons to Install New Equipment That Puts You in Control

    By Bill Brooks, North American sales manager for UniMac®   If you haven’t upgraded your equipment recently, old equipment could be costing you big money in repair bills, machine downtime and lost efficiency. Outfitting your laundry facility with energy-efficient equipment with advanced technologies could save you thousands of dollars annually. In today’s market, you have

  • Communicating with Clarity

    Communicating with Clarity

    By Mark A. Vickers, Speaking Is Selling As any manager or supervisor knows, when supervising employees or training team members, communicating with clarity – in a way that is easily understood – is the first and most important step in achieving success. Just as much as delivering a message with clarity has a dramatic impact

  • The Effect of Water Reuse on Linens

    The Effect of Water Reuse on Linens

    By Rich Fitzmorris Water reuse and how it can affect textiles via the washing process is the topic in today’s discussion on how to keep linens/textiles white. Water is an important resource world-wide. However, it is a resource that is dwindling – so we in the laundry industry must show good stewardship in our use

  • Can We Talk?  Ace a Phone Interview

    Can We Talk? Ace a Phone Interview

    By Craig Lloyd   Since most interviews start with a telephone conversation, how you handle yourself as a candidate in that stage of the process is important. Often this determines whether you are invited to meet for a personal interview. Remember, you only get one chance to make a good first impression. Whether you are

  • How Do I Keep My Linens Looking White?  Part 2

    How Do I Keep My Linens Looking White? Part 2

    By Rich Fitzmorris     No matter what segment of the laundry industry a facility services – on-premise hotel, nursing care, hospital, linen plant or large cooperative – quality is extremely important. Quality is what customers look for and what laundry facilities strive to produce. In part one of my article, “How Do I Keep

  • Time For a Tunnel?

    Time For a Tunnel?

    By Mike Diedling Manager, Applications Engineering Dept., Pellerin Milnor Corporation Has your laundry increased in the amount of goods it processes yearly? Are you looking to purchase new equipment to handle the extra poundage? If you’re like any other Laundry Manger, you may be wondering if it is time to add a tunnel to your