Carts and Accessories

  • MODRoto


    MODRoto is the laundry cart manufacturer founded in 1931 as Meese, Inc. and later called Meese Orbitron Dunne Co. to reflect its growth and expansion. A member of the Tingue family of companies, MODRoto is well-known for pioneering the design and development of canvas carts and basket trucks for the laundry industry and later upgrading the

  • Fibertech Inc

    Fibertech wants you to feel good about the products you work with to support your company’s needs and the environment we all are working to maintain. Fibertech Laundry Trucks and Utility Carts offer a durable, low maintenance, safe cart for transportation of linens and other products throughout the commercial laundry facilities.  All Fibertech laundry and

  • TQ Industries

    TQ Industries – Tecni-Quip Carts, Clean Cycle Systems, and TQ Industries Hotel Carts Manufacturing Innovative Carts and Lint Filters for over 57 Years Our founders Charles and Jane served their country during World War II and met while deployed in the Panama Canal Zone in 1944. Soon they married and settled in Los Angeles, California.

  • McClure Industries Inc.

    McCLURE INDUSTRIES INC.   Del McClure, the founder of McClure Industries, is a veteran of the laundry industry. As a maintenance engineer he saw that no thought had been put into the design and manufacture of carts used in laundries. He recognized problems in design and construction: carts that couldn’t hold weight without bulging, carts

  • Steele Canvas Basket Corp.

    Steele Canvas Basket Corp.

    Founded in 1921, on Hamilton St. in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Steele Canvas Basket cut its teeth manufacturing specialty canvas products for the New England coal and textile trades.  Steele’s craftsmanship quickly earned it the reputation of providing dependable and durable wares, and soon industries all over the country began ringing up the little shop on Hamilton Street.

  • Energenics Corp.

    Energenics Corporation founded in 1974 is the largest manufacturer of Lint Filters and Automatic Laundry Cart Washing Machines. Energenics manufactures 45 models of Lint Filters (collectors) that accommodate dryer exhaust from 500 cfm to 40,000 cfm. Over 5,000 Energenics Lint Filters have been sold worldwide. Energenics sells both “wet” and “dry” style filters fabricated of both

  • Tecni-Quip Carts

    Tecni-Quip Carts

    2013 is a Special Year for Tecni-Quip as they are celebrating their 52th year in business as family owned and managed company. Tecni-Quip founders Charles and Jane served their country during World War II (Charles Clement an Army Captain and Jane employed as a Civil Service Secretary for the War Department). They met while deployed

  • Leebaw Manufacturing

    Leebaw Manufacturing

    Leebaw Manufacturing, headquartered in Canfield, Ohio, was established in 1947 and was founded on a base of customer service, satisfaction and safety. These original priorities continue to hold true today and are the main focus of each design that is manufactured within our plant and shipped throughout the United States and Canada. All industries have

  • Maxi-Mover by ChemTainer

    Maxi-Mover by ChemTainer

    Chem-Tainer Industries has been manufacturing rotationally molded plastic carts and containers for over 40 years. They are a source for plastic carts and transporters. Their Maxi-Mover product line specializes in laundry carts and material handling carts. The Maxi-Mover line of carts and containers has serviced the needs of commercial laundries, health care facilities, hotels, restaurants, department