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  • EDRO’s Water Reuse Systems In Laundry Installations

    EDRO’s Water Reuse Systems In Laundry Installations

    There are many benefits to using a water reuse system  They include, reduced fresh water usage, reduced detergents and toxins discharge/release associated with laundry wastewater,  reduced wastewater discharge, reduced energy consumption and reduced greenhouse gas emissions associated with laundry water heating The basic concept of a water reuse system (WRS) is to process the “grey”

  • EDRO Corporation

    EAST BERLIN, Conn. — The EDRO Corporation designs and manufactures Industrial Strength DynaWash® washer-extractors with optional water reuse systems, DynOzone – DynaWash® Ozone System, the M-SERIES tumbler dryers for U.S. Navy shipboard and submarine laundries, and the C-SERIES tumbler dryers for all types of On-Premise and Commercial & Industrial Laundries. EDRO is more than a


    Water Energy is a manufacturer and distributor of advanced water treatment systems including Industry-Leading Ozone Laundry Systems and Water Recycling Systems. Water Energy specializes in proven high technology products that will save you money, improve your processes, reduce your burden on natural resources and move you a long way toward sustainability. Water Energy was established