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Continental Washers, Dryers and Ironers Deliver Automation Savings


OSHKOSH, Wis. — Continental Girbau Inc. (Continental) works with commercial laundries to properly select and size laundry equipment to fit specific production, labor and efficiency requirements. At Continental, we offer high-performance washers, dryers and ironing systems that work in concert to lower labor costs and bolster productivity.

E-Series Washers 

Continental E-Series Washers – available in 90-, 130- and 255-pound capacities – are engineered to boost laundry productivity, cut utility costs and decrease labor time. The E-Series 130 and 255 are available with automatic tilt unloading.  Delivering superior programmability, the E-Series Inteli Control allows programmability of water temperature by degree, wash rotation speed and duration, water levels, bath cool-down by degree and extract speed. Once programmed, the washer automatically combines the right water temperature, water levels, chemicals and mechanical action to ensure properly cleaned laundry. Operators simply select a program number and press start. Additionally, E-Series Washers are soft-mount machines that reach extract speeds up to 384 G-force. Because they generate higher extract speeds than traditional hard-mount washers, they remove more water from every load – cutting dry time by up to 50 percent. This dramatically improves laundry productivity. Moreover, E-Series Washers slide easily into place without need for reinforced concrete foundations and bolts. 

Straight from the washers, dry goods, such as towels and blankets go directly into corresponding dryers, while flatwork sheets, pillowcases and tablecloths bypass dryers and are fed through a Continental Express Ironer or Compact 5-in-One. 

Pro-Series II Dryers

Continental E-Series Washers are nicely paired with Pro-Series II large-capacity dryers – available in 125- and 175-pound capacities. Delivering a quick dry, Pro-Series II Dryers provide advanced programmability and Continental’s Linen Life Extension (LLE) system for the ultimate in drying technology. LLE’s moisture sensing prevents over-drying, extends linen life and increases energy-efficiency. Featuring 12 programmable levels, LLE can target any dryness level from zero to 40 percent. When the dryer attains its preset target level of dryness, it shuts off automatically—saving time and energy.

Continental Ironing Systems

Flatwork sheets and tablecloths can be fed into one of several Continental ironing systems, depending on productivity needs. All Continental ironing systems feature AutoSpeed®, which automatically adjusts ironing speed based on item moisture content. As a result, linen does not require dryer conditioning – improving laundry productivity. 

Express Flatwork Ironers – in 13- and 20-inch models are designed to give laundries the ability to process linen quickly at a high quality standard. The 20-inch model offers an optional integrated folding system. There is no need to enter item measurements as a system of photocells automatically calculates the total length of the item to be folded. 

Higher volume commercial laundries, which are short on space, will gain significant production with a Compact 5-in-One.  It not only features a compact design, it quickly feeds, irons, folds, stacks and accumulates at speeds of up to 50 ft. per minute.