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Continental’s E-Series Washers – Superior Cleaning of Large Loads

OSHKOSH, Wis. – Engineered to cut electrical, water and natural gas costs while elevating laundry productivity, Continental Girbau Inc.’s (Contiental) E-Series 255-pound capacity washer-extractors offer unrivaled programmability, durability, high-speed extract and an easy-to-install soft-mount design. Available in stationary and tilt models – for simple loading and unloading – the washers are ergonomically designed and easy to operate.

Reaching extract speeds of 387 G-force, up to four times greater than most hard-mount washers, they remove more water from each load – cutting dry time by up to 50 percent. In turn, laundry productivity catapults, while utility consumption and labor expense fall.

The advanced Inteli control offers programmability of water temperature by degree, wash rotation speed and duration, water levels, bath cool-down by degree and extract speeds, in addition to 20 pre-programmed cycles and up to 79 owner-programmable cycles.

The E-Series 255-pound capacity washers feature 12 automatic chemical injection signals with programmable time dosing and flush flexibility. The Inteli control also supports independent flush control using its side-mounted chemical hopper and a signal delay for automatic liquid chemical supply systems. The control can be programmed manually on the washer or using Continental’s Inteli Manager Tool (IMTx). IMTx is a software system that gives users the ability to custom design wash programs via a personal computer. IMTx saves valuable time when configuring multiple programs on one machine or when programming multiple machines.

The washers are designed without a sump, which eliminates the need for up to three gallons of water with each fill.