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Energenics – Cleaning the Air in Laundries

To assist in compliance to OSHA directive CPL-03-00-008 against combustible dust explosions and fires act of 2008 Energenics Corporation is meeting the need with the Lint Scrubber, solving the problem of lint laden air in laundries above the automatic and manual feeding, finishing and folding of operations in the clean linen area.

This problem solving Lint Scrubber series reduces clean-up labor costs and vastly improves laundry air quality.

Removing airborne lint results in cleaner rails for sling loading/unloading systems and facilitates smoother operation, less operator intervention and less cleaning labor. Lint accumulating in the ceiling is reduced for a safer environment. On the floor, it helps keep lint from accumulating and fouling expensive linen handling equipment. The Lint Scrubbers lessen the dust contamination of controls and mechanical components of the finishing equipment. Laundries spend hours cleaning the lint off the equipment after shutdown. Collect the lint first with the Lint Scrubber, and then eliminate the laborious cleanup.

Removing airborne lint is safer and better for the employees, improving morale.

Energenics, the lint collection market leader, has designed the Lint Scrubbers with UL Class 508A controls to meet all electrical codes. They have the largest lint collection area in the marketplace. They are assembled using a high strength non-corrosive aluminum alloy; weight is reduced 27% from steel. Lighter weight saves on install effort and costs while reducing shipping expense.

The Lint Scrubbers arrives fully assembled, 100% tested, ready to plug in and operate. Service and installation is available locally through your Energenics distributor.