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Fibertech’s EC-101 Exchange Cart

Fibertech takes pride in developing innovative bulk material handling solutions that help businesses run more efficiently – hence the EC-101 Exchange Cart. This modern spin on the traditional laundry truck is an effective solution for commercial laundries, hotels, gyms, hospitals, and any business dealing with the transport and exchange of clean and dirty linens.

More about Fibertech’s EC-101 exchange cart

Instead of relying on multiple laundry trucks or bulk containers with cumbersome shelving, Fibertech’s exchange cart features a unique shelf conversion system which allows you to effortlessly expand or collapse built-in shelves depending on your needs.

The shelves in the EC-101 exchange cart can easily be converted to a vertical position for dirty linen pick up, and then easily changed to a horizontal position to organize and deliver fresh linens. This ability to quickly switch functions, results in a more efficient workflow and maximizes space.

Exchange Cart Design Features

Like all of Fibertech’s bulk containers, its EC-101exchange cart features a rotationally molded one piece design that is both durable and easy to use.


Despite its durability, the EC-101 carts are still lightweight and easy to use, thanks to ergonomically design features such as hand holes and easy to roll six-inch swivel/rigid non-marking casters. These specialty features make these bulk carts easy to maneuver — even in the tightest spaces. Our foolproof shelf conversion system also allows employees to easily convert carts from dirty to clean linen handling in a matter of seconds.


The solid one-piece construction of the exchange cart means that it has no weak points and can handle heavy loads of up to 800 pounds without damage with individual shelf load of up to 300 pounds. Fibertech’s exchange cart’s unique design also incorporates a strong metal base and thick wall construction which minimize wear and tear resulting in a long-lasting product. In fact, Fibertech is so confident in the durable and low-maintenance nature of its carts, that they offer a four-year warranty!

Easy to Clean

Fibertech’s exchange carts also include built-in drain holes, which makes them extremely easy to clean and sanitize, without worrying about standing water or product build up. This means you can get them back into rotation quickly.


As always, Fibertech offers a variety of customization options on exchange carts so that your business gets exactly what it needs. Exchange cart customization options include caster configuration and eight-inch wheel casters, as well as mold-on and mold-in graphics, custom colors, and stenciling.

Is the EC-101 Exchange Cart right for your business?

If you are looking for a laundry truck that will increase the productivity of your employees, the EC-101 Exchange Cart is what you need. No matter what your industry, the efficient use of space in the design will speed up operations and help your business function more effectively.

Contact the company to learn more about how the shelf conversion system in its EC-101 Exchange Cart can save your business time and money.

For more information, visit the company’s web site:  Fibertech


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