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Girbau Industrial’s Continuous Batch Washing System

OSHKOSH, Wis. — Girbau Industrial’s (GI) Continuous Batch Washing System are perfectly suited for medium- and high-volume laundries. The system, which includes a Loading Conveyor, Batch Tunnel Washer, Water Extraction Press, Delivery Shuttles and Continuous Batch Pass-Through Dryers – processes up to 3,000 pounds of laundry per hour using less labor, water and energy.

Each machine in the system is seamlessly linked and automatically controlled by a highly programmable Batch Management Tool (BMT). All components can operate independently, together as a system, or seamlessly with other manufacturers’ equipment, including bag-loading systems. The Continuous Batch Washing System delivers the ultimate in productivity, flexibility, efficiency and ease-of-use.

The Batch Tunnel Washer, which is at the heart of the system, is available in 5 to 12 modules. Each module is individually programmable and takes on up to 110 pounds of laundry. A modular inner and outer drum system ensures separate baths for each module – providing great efficiency and washing flexibility. Top-transfer technology and superior programmability allows for infinite configurability to meet very specific cleaning and disinfection needs. The Batch Tunnel Washer is programmable by module for water temperature, duration of the wash cycle, mechanical action, bath partitions, rapid draining, chemical dosing, water levels, closing parameters and more. Thanks to a wide top-transfer opening at every module, laundry passes from one module to another without mixing baths.

Once laundry passes through the Batch Tunnel Washer, it is pressed by the SPR-50 Water Extraction Press. The SPR-50 forms each laundry load into a round “cake.” With high-capacity drainage facilities, water is extracted quickly and gently from all types of linen.

The “cakes” then travel via shuttle lifting conveyors into open Pass-Thru Dryers. Offering unsurpassed efficiency, productivity and ease-of-use, ST model dryers (ST-100 at 265-pound capacity and ST-1300 at 140-pound capacity) work seamlessly as part of the Continuous Batch Washing System. Each model offers Spirotilt Technology for automated unloading without dryer tilting. Once laundry “cakes” are loaded into the open dryers, they are untangled, conditioned and dried. Continuous Batch Pass-Through Dryers are available in natural gas, steam or thermal fluid heat.