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Girbau Industrial’s EcoTunnel

OSHKOSH, Wis. — The Girbau Industrial (GI) TBS-50 Batch Tunnel Washer, which is perfectly suited for medium- and high-volume laundries, seamlessly and automatically integrates with loading systems, water extraction presses and dryers as part of the GI Continuous Batch Washing System. Available in 5 to 12 modules, each with 110 pounds of capacity, GI TBS-50 Batch Tunnel Washers process more than 3,000 pounds of laundry per hour. 

Highly flexible, they offer superior programmability to meet the labor, efficiency and productivity needs of virtually any medium- to high-production laundry operation.

The modular inner and outer drum system ensures separate baths for each module – providing great efficiency and washing flexibility. Top-transfer technology and superior programmability allows for infinite configurability to meet very specific cleaning needs. The TBS-50 Batch Tunnel Washer is programmable by module for water temperature, duration of the wash cycle, mechanical action, bath partitions, rapid draining, chemical dosing, water levels, closing parameters and more. Thanks to a wide top-transfer opening at every module, laundry passes from one module to another without jams or mixing baths. 

When disinfection is necessary, such as for healthcare laundry, the TBS-50 is configurable to properly sanitize linens. Steam injectors and intermediate filter tanks work to ensure particles from the rinse cycle aren’t reused during the wash process. The TBS-50’s independent modules and steam inlets totally permeate linens at the temperatures and conditions required to properly disinfect laundry. Each module has the option for a steam inlet, and the outer drums of each module ensure proper chemical dosing at every stage of the wash process.