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Girbau Industrial’s Perfect Ironing Results

OSHKOSH, Wis. — Girbau Industrial’s (GI) PC-80 Heated-Chest Flatwork Ironer and FL-King Folder work in concert to quickly and expertly iron, fold and stack goods at speeds up to 147 feet-per-minute.

Featuring 32-inch diameter rolls, PC-80 Ironers – in 118-, 130- or 138-inch finishing widths – quickly iron damp goods straight from the washer – saving hotel and resort laundries time, energy and labor. Highly efficient, PC-80 Ironers are available in steam, thermal fluid and gas models.

The PC-80 offers a highly flexible control with up to 100 custom programs; AutoSpeed®, which automatically adjusts ironing speed to fit item moisture content; a rigid chest design to ensure unrivaled results.

From the PC-80 Ironer, goods feed automatically into the FL-King folder, where they are quickly folded. The FL-King offers an advanced control, multi-program operation and can deliver up to three primary folds and three cross folds. Using air-jet technology, the FL-King automatically folds a variety of items, including sheets, duvets and bedspreads.

Support plates and a band circuit hold goods flat and secure throughout the primary folding phase – ensuring unmatched folding precision from one, two or four lanes. The folding options and the number of lanes are adjustable to match specific production requirements.

A support system also reduces the movement of the article and improves folding quality. All cross folds use knife blade assistance for crisp, precise folds.

Moreover, the thickness of the article is automatically taken into account during the first and third cross folds. A reversing conveyor performs the second cross fold. A retractable pneumatic roller allows the opening distance to be adjusted depending on the thickness of the item. This ensures thicker items are precisely folded.