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GI’s Continuous Batch Washer – Chemical Injection & Programmability

OSHKOSH, Wis. — Girbau Industrial’s (GI) TBS-50 Continuous Batch Washer features highly flexible steam and chemical injection capabilities. Available in five to 12 modules, each module is individually programmable. A modular inner and outer drum system ensures separate baths for each module – providing great efficiency and washing flexibility. Top-transfer technology and programmability allows for infinite configurability to meet very specific cleaning and disinfection needs.

The Continuous Batch Washer is programmable by module for chemical dosing in addition to water temperature, duration of the wash cycle, mechanical action, bath partitions, rapid draining, water levels, closing parameters and more. Offering detailed management over the wash process, the control is easy to use and offers a clear graphic display showing real-time data. It allows users to manage more than 999 client accounts and offers 99 washing programs. Real-time data regarding the wash process is viewable from the main screen, additional monitors or remotely via the Internet – showing program, customer, loads, water temperature, chemical injection, cycle time and production.

The Continuous Batch Washer is configurable to properly clean and disinfect soiled goods – critical for laundry processed for hospitals, nursing homes and assisted-living facilities. Steam injectors and intermediate filter tanks ensure particles from the rinse cycle aren’t recovered and reused during the wash process. The washer’s independent water level and chemical modules totally permeate linens at the temperatures and conditions required to property disinfect laundry. Each module has the option for a steam inlet, and the outer drums of each module ensure proper chemical dosing at every stage of the cleaning process. Chemical dosing and water are automatically adjusted to perfectly fit the load’s weight – eliminating chemical overuse or underuse and resulting damage to fabrics.

Thanks to a wide top-transfer opening at every module, laundry passes from one module to another without mixing baths. During transfers from module to module, sensors monitor and confirm conditions are met for transferring the load without tie-ups. Laundry progresses through each of the washer’s identical 110-pound capacity modules, where it is soaked, pre-washed, washed and rinsed according to each precisely programmed module.