Leonard Laundry

Hamilton Engineering’s San-03-tyzer

LIVONIA, Mich. — The San-03-tyzer™ by Hamilton Engineering is an innovative new system that uses just the right amount of ozone in every wash cycle, giving vended store owners (and their customers) peace of mind, knowing that their washers have been completely sanitized.

Benefits of the San-03-tyzer systems:

  • Ozonated cold water effectively destroys bacteria, mold, fungi, and other microorganisms more effectively than any other biocide available—sanitizing the washer (and the clothes in them) with every use.
  • Reduces the use of hot water and detergents which will substantially lower utility bills and reduce the carbon footprint of the store. Ozone is especially effective on organic and hydrocarbon stains (like grease, fats, and oils) rendering the soil more soluble in water.
  • Provides a better wash than one with non-ozonated water; fabrics experience less wear, and come out whiter, brighter, and cleaner, without pre-treating.  Ozone will also deodorize the laundry by eliminating the source of the odors.
  • Improves the way that your washers and your laundromat smell by eliminating the mildew that grows in sumps and drains.
  • Offers a feature that justifies an increase in vend prices and differentiates your laundry from your competitors.
  • San-03-tyzer systems available in ozone only or ozone with integrated hot water for individual bulkheads or the entire store.