IPSO® Launches IY Softmount Washer-Extractors with SmartWAVe Technology

RIPON, Wis. —IPSO®, provider of industrially designed laundry equipment, has added SmartWAVe technology to its 20- to 70-pound capacity IY softmount washer-extractors. This patented IPSO technology can significantly reduce an on-premises laundry’s (OPL) water and energy consumption by adjusting water levels based on linen material.

“Without adding any extra steps to the wash process, SmartWAVe gives laundry managers confidence that they’re using the appropriate amount of water, detergent and energy needed to get a superior clean the first time,” said Kathryn Rowen, North American sales manager for IPSO. “It was important to make this technology available on select softmount models in order to further boost their already dependable and flexible qualities.”

SmartWAVe is IPSO’s precision-engineered water absorption verification technology. This technology automatically senses a load’s water absorption level and adjusts water use accordingly at each stage of the wash cycle, reducing water and utility use, without compromising wash quality. Instead of using standard linen weight to determine the amount of water used in a laundry cycle, SmartWAVe focuses on the actual absorption levels of each material, which can result in water savings of up to 32 percent.

This standard feature is now available on IY softmount washer-extractors in 20- to 70-pound capacities. SmartWAVe works with the machine’s 99 programmable cycles, including efficient Eco washing programs, to optimize water, energy and detergent consumption. The intuitive Aries Elite control system also has a USB connection for flexible programming.

IY softmounts are built for dependability. The stainless inner and outer drum and tub delivers long-lasting, worry-free performance. Plus, practical features including a wide-set door hinge, and front access to soap and parts make loading/unloading and servicing the machine easy. Additionally, the freestanding design and lightweight frame make for easy installation on any floor and any level.