IPSO® Technologies Reduce Water Usage, Utility Costs

With an industrial design and intuitive features, IY softmount washer-extractors from IPSO® are built to reduce on-premises laundry (OPL) water usage and utility costs while maximizing productivity. When paired with a dependable IPSO® tumble dryer equipped with OPTimum Controls with OPT (Over-dry Prevention Technology), utility costs are reduced even further.

IY softmount washer-extractors are available in 20- to 275-pound capacities, with three control system options depending on size: Aries Elite or Micro. Each control system enables OPL managers to select up to 99 customized wash and spin speeds while special eco washing programs also help reduce water and energy consumption. A standard inverter drive allows for a high G-Force extraction speed of up to 400 G to remove maximum water from loads, thus reducing time in the dryer or even preventing the need for drying.

IPSO tumble dryers with OPTimum contain specialized sensors that determine the exact moment linens are dry and discontinue the drying process. OPTimum provides pinpoint accuracy throughout the entire load, assuring less energy is used, utility costs are reduced and productivity is increased. And, because linens are no longer over-drying, their lifespan is improved. By combining OPTimum with a washer-extractor’s customized wash programs and high extraction speed, on-premises laundry managers lower water usage and utility bills while delivering superior wash results.

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