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Kemco’s Wastewater Heat Recovery System

CLEARWATER, Fla. — Kemco’s Wastewater Heat Recovery System recovers potentially lost thermal energy by capturing the heat from wastewater and using it to preheat incoming fresh water. These systems are extremely efficient and can be designed to provide up to a 5°F “approach”. For example, if the temperature of incoming fresh water is around 60°F to 65°F, a Kemco Heat Recovery System can effectively preheat that water to within 5°F to 10°F of the wastewater stream, according to the company. That could be up to 60% of the original energy expended. The 100 gpm flow of water preheated from 65°F to 115°F is equivalent to 2,500,000 BTU per hour, at $5.00/1,000 ft.3 natural gas that is $12.50 per hour in potential savings and you can expect a return on initial investment from 12 to 24 months, according to the company.

Kemco heat reclaimers can be designed to provide more than one preheated temperature – perfect for hot and tempered water systems. Stainless steel construction assures optimum corrosion resistance and longer operational life.

Kemcos’ 4-Way Back Flushing System guarantees against plugging and eliminates any need for manual cleaning of the exchanger.

Since 1969, Kemco has delivered over 5,000 systems worldwide for industrial water reuse/recycle, wastewater treatment, hot water heating, heat recovery and total system monitoring.