Leonard Automatics LCW Cart Washer – A Cleaning Experience Like No Other

Since 1969 Leonard Automatics has been engineering equipment for the garment manufacturing and industrial laundry industries. Leonard recently introduced their LCW Cart Washer to answer the need for disinfecting carts in the Healthcare, F&B, and Hospitality industries.

Leonard’s LCW Cart Washers have been designed to use the least amount of square footage as possible in your facility while being totally self-contained – no external pumps or tanks. The streamlined system is easy to use and maintain.

Personnel Safety

Personnel Safety is of utmost importance with the LCW Cart Washing System. The system was designed to prevent cross contamination, airborne contamination, and slips and falls due to water on the floor. Containment is key – the system is made of all stainless steel instead of porous cinder block walls that are difficult to clean. The cleaning nozzles are self-contained to avoid the unsafe mess from traditional pressure washing wands.

Cleaning and Conditioning

The Leonard LCW Cart Washing system is a fully encompassing wash, a chemical application system, and an optional steam injection system. With most laundry boiler units operating at 120PSI steam pressure, you can supply 350°F steam into the system to add an additional level of sanitation.


Leonard offers a drying cycle that dries carts up to approximately 85%. This high output drying system provides up to 30,000 CFM in the LCW144 washer and 20,000 CFM in the LCW96 washer and greatly reduces slips and falls from water on the floor of your facility. The drying feature is not simply passive airflow, but dramatic airflow that drives water away much like that of a car wash.

Small Footprint

Leonard engineered their LCW Series with the least amount of exterior access required. In fact, one full side of the cart washer is simply a stainless steel panel that can be pushed right up against a wall requiring no access whatsoever.

Easy Loading

The LCW cart washing system can incorporate many automated features that will ultimately reduce labor while saving time in the process: automatic opening and closing doors with safety light bars, automated washing cycles, superior drying capacity and automatic cart ejection.

Stainless Steel

The Leonard Cart Washer features stainless steel construction, including the frame, base, floor, insulated wall panels, and water tank. Stainless steel is the healthcare standard and will extend the operating life of your equipment. It also provides corrosion resistance and is much easier to clean than other mediums. The rigid heavy duty frame is designed for industrial use allowing you to move it into place without worry of structural integrity.

For more information, visit the company’s web site:  Leonard Automatics