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Leonard Automatics Signs with Viking Pure

Leonard Automatics announced the signing of an exclusive global agreement with Viking Pure for its PureClean PureKill Technology for cart washing.

The partnership between Leonard Automatics and Viking Pure offers commercial laundry operators a unique, patented solution for cleaning linen carts, the release said. The EPA-approved cleaning System works with Leonard’s all stainless steel, compact, cart washing systems to kill all known bacteria, viruses, fungus and antibiotic resistant superbugs, according to the company.  The system works without additional chemicals, reduces water consumption, kills within seconds, thus increasing throughput.  Together, Leonard Automatics, a global leader in finishing technologies, and Viking Pure, creator of the patented Electrolyzed Water Systems, have created a green cleaning solution that’s fast and effective for commercial laundry cart cleaning and sanitation. 

 The Viking PureClean cleaning system begins with the application of Sodium Hydroxide.  The Sodium Hydroxide solution provides all the benefits of traditional cleaners without the soapy residue for a fraction of the price. 

After the Viking PureClean is used for cleaning, the Viking PureKill solution of Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) is applied. The HOCL binds to the cell membrane of a bacteria, fungus, or virus, and destroy the membrane, thus killing the cell. The HOCL solution turns into pure water within 30 seconds without leaving harmful residues. In addition, the solution has been proven to be more effective than chlorine bleach or hydrogen peroxide.  According to the FDA, “Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) is the form of free available chlorine that has the highest bactericidal activity against a broad range of microorganisms.”1   

“As the global leader in commercial finishing technologies, Leonard Automatics consistently delivers the very best innovations,” said Jeff Frushtick, President and CEO.  “We are very excited about this partnership and feel it will provide a simple and effective cart washing solution for the healthcare and food and beverage industries.” 


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