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Letter to the Editor – Meeting Healthcare Challenges

CDC’s Safe Healthcare Blog: Nursing Now One of Riskiest Jobs in Nation, published Tuesday May 10, 2016 ushers in a new spotlight on the problems facing healthcare providers in a nursing environment.

I find it very interesting, and yet quite disturbing, when I read or see articles of this type discussing the safe / infectious aspects of the healthcare industry. The presentation of hygienically clean linen or air environment of a hospital or nursing care facility is a major factor in controlling Decubitus ulcers (bed sores) or the transportation of other infectious bacteria throughout the hospital. Yet, the one item that can control, reduce or eliminate these same bacterial infections can be implemented in the laundry.

Ozone, the great equalizer in disinfection of linens or other items can be used regularly in a laundry while providing an ROI (return on investment) and disinfect the one item that travels throughout the nursing facility, possibly carrying all sorts of bacteria.

Ozone, through a process of cell lysing destroys the virus or infectious bacteria without the possibility of survival such as happens with chlorine or high temperatures. This is disinfection, not sanitization, and yet the healthcare industry has not picked up on the application of ozone in the wash or as an ambient air control in rooms or hallways.

The CDC has certified the disinfection benefits of ozone. Why doesn’t the healthcare industry recognize the benefits of this product?
The culture of safety should be practiced, especially in the processing of hospital linens.

Jack J. Reiff
WET-TECH, The Ozone People

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