Maxi-Movers Recycled M7091 Truck

WEST BABYLON, N.Y. – Chem-Tainer (parent company of Maxi-Movers) uses 100% virgin polyethylene material to manufacture its line of chemical containers, marine Chem Tainer Going Greenproducts, and transport solutions for textiles, recyclables, and material handling. These units usually require some trimming away of excess plastic. They then collect these pieces of scrap material, as well as factory seconds and rejects to reprocess the plastic back into polyethylene feedstock. Due to the potential of contaminants, pathogens, and/or debris, Chem-Tainer only uses first-run polyethylene scrap for its in-house recycling process.  By keeping this entire process in-house, Chem-Tainer is able to maintain a reliable source of contaminant-free recycled material with a minimal carbon footprint and prevent any scrap or waste material from entering a landfill or ecological system.

This recycled “re-grind” material is available upon request (and at a discount) for our Maxi-Movers line of laundry trucks.  Due to the variety of colors Chem-Tainer offers, the finished units manufactured from re-grind are generally dark grey in appearance, but it is not unusual for there to be a slight blue or green tint.


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