McClure Cart Movers

PORTLAND, Ore. – McClure cart movers save labor costs and help prevent injury from heavy lifting and moving.

The Power Pal 1000 Electric Mover allows one person to easily move 25 carts or over 2000 pounds with just one hand.  Features of the McClure Electric Mover include  maintenance-free batteries, a 5 amp built-in charger, battery level indicator, motor/brake: 24 VDC/12HP motor/differential, automatic brake with manual over-ride, an ergonomically designed handle, emergency stop button, throttle guards, low ground clearance and an automatic brake.

McClure’s Retractable Towing System slides out of your way when you’re not using it.  Easily installed, the system is completely retractable and self-storing under the cart.  The system is all steel construction with zinc plating for long life.  Multiple hitch designs are available.  Trailing carts do not cut corners which makes them kind on any facility’s interior.

For more information, visit the company’s website:  McClure Industries