McClure’s Sanitrux Carts

PORTLAND, Ore. — McClure’s Sanitrux Carts meet or exceed stringent industry criteria.  They are certified fire retardant and comply with all fire and public safety codes.  Sanitrux Carts make it easy to move heavy loads and are ergonomically designed to prevent employee injuries.

Constructed of fire retardant structural fiberglass, these carts have reinforced bottoms in most models and a smooth inside surface for easy washing and sanitizing.

Sanitrux Carts are available in 16 models – bio waste carts, bulk linen carts, cleanroom carts, library carts, platform sheet carts, recycling carts, refuge carts, security carts, shelf carts, slant carts, sling utility, spring platform, tilt carts, turn-about carts, utility carts and washroom carts.

McClure Carts are proudly made in the USA.

For more information visit the company’s website:  McClure Industries