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Milnor’s MWT-Series Cabinet Style Washer-Extractors

Pellerin Milnor Corporation’s MWT-Series is the next generation of cabinet-style washer-extractors.

The MWT-Series is available in 25 lb (12 kg), 35 lb (16 kg), 45 lb (20 kg), and 60 lb (27 kg) capacities and offers three easy-to-use control systems, including E-P OneTouch, E-P Express, and E-P Plus. Featuring large cylinder perforations, efficient inverter drives, durable galvanized steel frames, and double water seals, the MWT-Series is designed to save water, energy, and money without compromising wash quality. Combining versatility with Milnor quality, the value-priced MWT-Series will suit any laundry’s needs.

For more information on the MWT-Series, visit the company’s web site:  Pellerin Milnor

Or speak with a company representative at 504-712-7656.