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MODRoto’s Bulk Linen Truck with Ergonomic Spring Platform

MADISON, Ind. — An innovative, new laundry cart concept from MODRoto aims to raise the profile of worker safety. The new Poly-Trux® 72ERgonomic bulk linen truck features the company’s signature, ergonomic spring platform that automatically rises as linens are removed. Bringing loose linens, loaded laundry bags and other goods to a comfortable working height, the 72ERgonomic bulk truck reduces repetitive bending and reaching into the cart, shortens the distance goods need to be lifted and minimizes the potential for workers’ compensation claims.

The first bulk truck on a standard, 72P-style footprint to feature the back-saving spring-loaded platform, the 72ERgonomic is designed with an oversized, front cutaway that spans nearly the entire width of the cart to invite easy, unimpeded access to the interior. For additional ergonomic benefit, the linen cart stands on the company’s durable, poly base, which safely holds the same payloads as steel bases but at a reduced weight for easier, safer moving and rolling. The 72ERgonomic also includes the SecureNet cargo netting system, which criss-crosses the cart front to secure goods in place during transport and may be removed for easy access.

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