Feeders, Folders, Ironers, Finishing, Stacking & Packaging

Feeders, Folders, Ironers, Finishing, Stacking & Packaging

The finished product at any laundry facility casts a lasting impression on a customer.  Not only do laundry managers want to meet – and exceed – customer demands of having finished goods returned to them with a professional finish, the speed in which goods move through a laundry’s finishing process is also a concern.

In our Feeders, Folders, Ironers, Finishing & Packaging feature, The Laundry Ledger takes a look at what equipment is available on the market today to meet the needs of today’s demanding laundry – and today’s demanding customer.



JENSEN’s Jenfeed Express Feeder

Braun’s Precision Series Spreader / Feeder



B&C Technologies PS Folders

Braun’s Precision Small Piece Folder

JENSEN’s Jenfold Classic Folder/Crossfolder

Leonard Automatics Large Piece Folder / Stacker Machines



B&C Technologies Ironer Line

Braun’s Precision Series Flatwork Ironer

JENSEN’s Flatwork Ironer

Kannegiesser HPM Ironer



Braun Finishing Equipment

B & C Technologies

Lavatec’s Finishing Equipment

Leonard Automatics Tunnel Finishers

Speed Check Conveyor Garment Storage Systems



Leonard Automatics Stack-n-Store



Clean Cycle Systems Lint and Dust Control for Laundries

Tingue Named Exclusive Rep for Mato Lacing

Tingue’s Ironer Roll Cover

Tingue’s Clean ‘N Wax Cloth