Leonard Laundry

Sani Wash Spectrum

New York, NY — Sani Wash’s SpectrumTM,  is concentrated, neutral pH liquid laundry detergent that is formulated specifically to address on-premise laundry housekeeping concerns with high linen replacement, use of unsafe chemicals, and high hot water energy costs.

SpectrumTM is very gentle to linens, contains low VOC (volatile organic compounds) ingredients that conform with national safety guidelines making its use much safer for laundry attendants. It may be used with lower water temperature further promoting operational energy savings and has been thoroughly field tested and proven to lower linen replacement costs due to its gentle but effective cleaning as compared with high alkali detergents, according to the company.  It is safer for the operator to use than traditional high alkali formulations and works well where the water temperatures are lower than 140 degrees Fahrenheit.