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Speed Check’s Garment Sorting and Distribution Systems

Speed Check’s Garment Sorting and Distribution Systems maximize space utilization and are designed to be extremely efficient.

  • Dispat-U-Veyor – the leader in mechanical sorting conveyor systems. With a capacity of handling 1,200 pieces per hour, sorting up to 36 stations, this unique product has a 40 year record of success. A Dispat-U-Veyor system is easily applied in any garment handling operation and can be used in many light-duty hangered item delivery systems.
  • Slick rails – static manual garment storage / retrieval systems. “J hooks” hold rails in place and do not need re-adjusting.
  • Twist Veyor – Spring Wire-wound Tube provides positive transport for hangers. Direct Drive Power unit turns spiral in place, moving items down the line.

Contin-U-Veyor – Durable tubular designed conveyor for transporting medium-duty loads. Ideal for steam tunnels, garment transport manufacturing and general material handling.


For more information, visit the company’s web site:  Speed Check Conveyor