Sunburst Chemicals – Trifecta

Sunburst Chemicals introduces Trifecta, a revolutionary solid enzyme detergent for institutional laundering. Trifecta is specially formulated for effectively washing athletic (and other) uniforms without damaging fabric or transferring color, and is versatile for use on other linens.

With its special enzyme fortified formula, Trifecta is powerful enough to clean ground-in clay, grass, and blood stains and tough odors from uniforms – even at the low (90-110°F) temperatures recommended by uniform manufacturers. Trifecta works effectively in soft or hard water conditions. Its unique formulation reduces formula times, providing energy, water, and labor savings while also extending the linen life of uniforms and reducing linen replacement costs. It is an outstanding detergent system for commercial or top-load machines.

Sunburst Chemicals is on the forefront of environmentally friendlier cleaning technology, and has been since it first began producing solid cleaning chemicals in the early 1980’s. Solids’ unique design not only reduces strain on the environment, but also reduces energy consumption and increases workplace safety. Sunburst Chemicals has the expertise and the products to deliver the best solutions for your cleaning needs.