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The Compact 5-in-One – a feeder, ironer, folder, stacker, accumulator

OSHKOSH, Wis. — Continental Girbau Inc.’s Compact 5-in-One Ironing System delivers a compact design and superior flexibility that allows laundries to quickly feed, iron, fold, stack and accumulate a variety of goods using up to four lanes. The space-saving system generates linen processing speeds of up to 50-feet-per-minute.

Continental Compact 5-in-One models are available in 24- and 32-inch diameters and 130-inch finishing widths. All models are available in natural gas or liquid propane heat sources.

“The true advantage of the Compact 5-in-One is its capability for ironing, primary folding, cross folding and stacking,” said Joel Jorgensen, vice president of sales and customer services at Continental Girbau. “The system offers versatility with an optional feeding system for high productivity, excellent finishing and reduced labor – all from a compact machine with a small footprint. The Compact 5-in-One supports linen handling and ironing needs for facilities that can’t accommodate traditional ironing/folding systems.”

The Compact 5-in-One is configurable for one, two, or four working lanes, with one lane for sheets, two for table linens and four for small items, including napkins and pillowcases. It boasts unrivaled flexibility and finishing quality, and delivers standard four-lane drape-style primary folds and single- or two-lane traditional primary and cross folds.

The Compact’s unique vacuum-assisted feeding table simplifies linen feeding, maximizes production and processing speeds and ensures high-quality results. An optional spreader/feeder straightens and spreads items as they pass through the ironer.

Equipped with an intuitive control offering 20 pre-set and 20 customizable programs, the Compact 5-in-One provides touch-screen control over ironing parameters, faults, alarms or alterations in processing and diagnostics. The control seamlessly interacts with optional equipment ensuring unsurpassed ease of use, flexibility for multiple items, and control over item type. Operators select a program number and press start. A quick push of a button by operators automatically rejects stained or torn items, and a wide, inclined feeding table provides a better view of items while feeding.