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Wet Tech’s EnviroSaver II Ozone System

WORCESTER, Mass. – There are numerous environmental issues that the government wants satisfied – from greenhouse gas emissions to BOD, COD and FOG’s. Wet-Tech and the EnviroSaver II ozone system can help protect your back. EnviroSaver II ozone technology has been developed and improved upon for the past 30 years to assist laundries in meeting and exceeding government requirements while improving on laundry quality at lower than normal operating costs.

The HF Series Ozone Generators is an innovative approach to commercial and industrial ozone washing. Specifically designed for high volume production facilities dealing with heavy soil classifications, the HF series independently supplies controlled levels of ozone to multi-wash machine laundries including tunnels or CBW’s. The Wet-Tech controlled ozone applications helps to improve wash quality, reduce operating costs while assisting in meeting government regulations, according to the company.

The disinfection qualities of ozone are present in all of these applications, destroying most infectious bacteria. OPL applications and installations with the EnviroSaver II continue to meet the needs of the hospitality and healthcare industry along with most standard commercial applications. Ozone, an enhancing chemical infused in a gaseous state provides improved performance without leaving a chemical residue on the fabric minimizing Decubitus Ulcers (bed sores). Wet-Tech products are made in America and the company is a recognized Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business with a CR registry.