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Wet-Tech’s Ozone Air Purification Unit

Wet-Tech’s ozone air purification unit is designed for the Hospitality/Healthcare Industry.  It attacks medical odors, allergens, mold and mildew, pet odors, dust, chemical gases, bacteria, cooking odors and more.

It is not necessary that you even smell the sweet characteristic ozone odor (which is similar to Fresh Country Air after a Thunderstorm) for it to be effective. While pleasant to most people, even the odor of roses can be objectionable when in excess and may cause discomfort.

Adjust the ozone control for an allotted time (start at one hour) in the area to be treated. After that time check for a slight odor throughout the room. Adjust the time until you reach that point of slight odor. When properly adjusted, you should neither smell ozone or the odors you intended to eliminate, according to the company.