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B&C at South Walton’s Fire Training Center Grand Opening

B&C Technologies recently participated in the grand opening of South Walton’s Fire Training Center. The 4 story training center will be used to store vehicles and allow firefighters to have live action training. These live fire training drills necessitate commercial laundry equipment to keep the firefighters’ PPE in top shape so they chose two HE-45 washers and two FC-20 Fireman’s Drying Cabinets to keep their gear clean and dry and their firefighters safe.

B&C’s President, Bengt Bruce, was at the grand opening and said, “B&C is honored to have been chosen to help train and protect our firefighters from the dangers they face not only fighting fires, but from cancers brought on by exposure to smoke, soot, and other contaminants.”

The HE Series washers were chosen not only for their rugged, durable design and low overall cost of ownership, but also due to their compliance with NFPA guidelines for cleaning PPE. This series of washer-extractors has been designed to withstand the most rigorous of applications yet still be easy to use and maintain.


The B&C Fireman’s drying cabinet utilizes a unique design to dry the turnout gear from both the inside and out. It also protects gear by using a patented humidity tracking system (HTS) to stop the drying process once the gear is completely dry. This ensures goods are thoroughly dried while preventing unnecessary wear.


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