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Braun Announces New Sales Tools and Analytics App

SYRACUSE, NY — Braun recently developed a mobile application on the Apple iOS platform that will assist their sales and project managers in creating a client’s profile, calculating workload needs, cross referencing product solutions, and generating a cost analysis.
Some of the features within the app’s profile tool include the capability to capture site survey data, and annotate and draw measurements onto photos. The reference section features commonly used reference materials such as conversion charts, and includes industry expertise articles from various laundry publications. There is a reporting tool section within the app. This section aides the sales manager in providing client partners with timely operational analysis.

“This tool represents the continual improvement culture throughout our entire organizational processes and practices. We are committed to providing our customers with industry leading quality products and services that add value for our clients, and enhance their level of satisfaction. This is the second iOS application that we have developed (the first being our product overview app), and we will continue to leverage technology to bring us closer to our clients, help us define their needs, and provide solutions to those needs.” Joe Gudenburr, President, G. A. Braun, Inc., said.