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Braun Napkin Accumulator

The Braun Napkin Accumulator (FSNA) is a free standing, caster-mounted accumulator for use behind almost any flatwork ironer. It accumulates small flatwork goods, such as table napkins, at the rear on dual storage rods in each lane. The accumulator has been configured to take the napkins off the ironer and drape them in half over the storage rods in stacks of up to 25.

The FSNA, operating with a primary folder or folder/cross-folder, is 120 inches wide and has a five-lane configuration. It is capable of accumulating pieces as large as 24” x 24”. The Napkin Accumulator is also available in (optional) 130” working width.

Air blast stacking allows the stack to move only when the count has been reached, resulting in a neat high quality stack.

This accumulator is equipped with complete on-board diagnostics for trouble-free operation.

For more information on the Braun Napkin Accumulator go here.

Or visit the company’s web site:  BRAUN