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Braun Receives Safety Patent

SYRACUSE, NY — Braun recently received a patent for their Manual SafeLoad System® which is its second safety solution patent. The Manual SafeLoad was designed to support the loading of washers in a manual wash aisle operating environment. This system removes the potential for serious injury to the operator from pushing bags into a moving washer cylinder.

“Laundry operators and suppliers are working together to improve wash floor safety,” says Braun President Joe Gudenburr. We take safety very seriously, and have imbedded it into the design and operational criteria for all of our products.”
Manual SafeLoad System
Key Design Features:
• Ideal solution for manual wash rooms with rail height restrictions
• Uses Braun’s proven conveyance and loading technology
• Adjustable for varying washer heights for Braun and non-Braun machines
• Addresses ergonomic issues
• Potential for increased productivity over existing loading techniques
• Prime mover is equipped with a horn and a built in backup crush provision
• Plugs into a standard electrical wall outlet for recharging
• The primary mover is a special Raymond lift truck that Braun adapted for their specific use.

This product compliments Braun’s other patent pending safety solutions including the SafeLoad Shuttle System®.