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Braun’s 300 PBS Side-By-Side Dryers

SYRACUSE, N.Y. — The Braun 300 PBS dryer is available in a patent pending chute load design as well as a side-by-side non-chute load design.  Due to this machine’s true side-by-side design, no spacing is required with each set of dryers unlike others on the market which require installation in pairs.  All of the dryers are identical, minimizing the amount of spare parts needed and maximizing space.

Additionally, this machine’s patent pending chute loading option features a static chute on the front of each machine.  This allows for a seamless integration with a rail system, improves turn times, and eliminates the moving parts and maintenance costs inherent with the use of cross conveyors for dryer loading.  This is an exceptional solution for use in a multiple tunnel location to improve overall plant efficiency.

Technical Attributes

* True side-by-side design presents the smallest install footprint in its class!

* Patent Pending chute loading design allows for optimal utilization of dryers, simplifies the scheduling efforts associated with an automated system, and is a low cost proven technology that is virtually maintenance free!  This provides great flexibility with placement of dryers within the plant, and can optimize existing systems efficiencies!

* Patented captive lint collection reduces installation and operational costs.

* Inverter controlled basket optimizes goods tumbling for air mixing, and moisture removal.

* High velocity blower enhances drying and moisture removal.  This affords significant energy savings!

* Extremely efficient modulating line burner technology applied to an air tight vessel.  This technology provides uniform basket temperature

* Unique swing-out face plate design is air tight, and simplifies maintenance procedures.

* Basket is composed of durable forged steel rings and removable stainless steel perforated panels.

* Easy to maintain, shares many common parts with all Braun provided equipment, and is built to withstand industrial environments!


TOP PHOTO:  Braun 300 PBS Side By Side Dryers Non Chute Load

LOWER PHOTO:  Braun 300 PBS Side By Side Chute Load Dryer