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Braun’s Precision Series Small Piece Folders

NORTH SYRACUSE, NY — Braun’s Precision Series® Small Piece Folders (Return-to-Feeder, Rear Discharge, and Triple Sort) can process as fast as operators can feed them.  Parts never have to stop moving and feeds never have to be “paced” to prevent over feeding!

A few of the many design features include but are not limited to:

* Most narrow footprint in the industry

* Rear discharge model has been redesigned for extra thick parts and will process parts 37% thicker than the former Sigma models.  It will easily process the plushest hospitality towels without sacrificing the ability to process thin items like hand towels or baby blankets.  Auto width detection automatically adjusts fold width depending on the part being fed.

* Air consumption – Precision Series small piece folders use a maximum of 7.5 CFM of air with air boost at the highest setting, constantly on, running 1,000 pieces per hour.  Because Braun machines can pulse air boost to only operate when an item is in the French fold section, it is usually only on half of the time.  This reduces air consumption to 3.75 CFM even with high air boost engaged due to the use of mechanical fold blades instead of air. Other machines on the market use 8.75 CFM!

* In-feed wheels are user selectable between 2 and 4 wheels based on operator preference.  2 wheels are ideal for small parts and 4 for large parts as they help to ensure a smooth feed and taught leading edge.

* Lint blow off feature automatically cleans photo cell lenses reducing maintenance

* 24V Color Touch Screen Controls

For more information please visit Braun’s web site at

Or see these high quality folders in action Precision Series Small Piece Folders


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