Braun’s (SBS) Side-By-Side Steam Dryers

SYRACUSE, NY — Braun offers Side-By-Side (SBS) Steam Dryers in a non-chute or a patent pending chute loading system. In the chute loading system, sling bags are released and positioned over the chute on the dryer and dropped into the dryer for processing, providing for exceptional turn times and system efficiencies. These dryers provide for great flexibility with respect to washroom configuration and there is no limit on the types of goods that can be processed.

Additionally, these dryers have the same proven key design and safety features of all Braun dryers.

A few of the many key design and safety features include:

* High efficiency steam coils provide uniform temperature distribution across the entire width of the basket. This results in precise basket chamber temperature control, yields fast dry times, consistent quality and outstanding resource efficiency.

* Simplified steam duct design with quick disconnects and unions allows for easy troubleshooting and quick component replacement.

* Split panel control box is an exceptional safety feature which separates the high voltage from low voltage components.

* Thrust Wheels on the Braun PT Dryers ensure proper centering of the basket

* Staggered rib heights on the stainless steel removable basket promote exceptional tumbling action

* Basket seal system allows for the processing of barrier fabrics without the risk of goods getting caught between the basket and front of the machine

* Patented Lint Collection Design

* 24 V Touch Screen Controls – each machine has a captive and easily accessible 24V PLC. This eliminates the exposures associated with systems dryers being controlled by one central PLC

* The drive system features a carbon fiber reinforced belt and is easy to access and maintain

For more information, visit the company’s web site:  Braun or call 800.432.7286.


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