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Career Changes at Leonard Automatics

DENVER, N.C. — Leonard Automatics recently named Mark Farnsworth Project Manager in charge of managing and filling customer orders and Marc Helton, Global Service Technician.

thumbnail_mark-farnsworthFarnsworth spent 20 years as Chief Engineer with Seneca Foods running unlimited horsepower boilers, a 24/7 job. Prior to that Mark was in the Navy working as a Gas Turbine Technician. Understanding mechanical specifications is right up his alley. Since Mark has been on the receiving end of the types of products and services that Leonard provides, he understands the frustrations that customers can have. His goal is to alleviate those frustrations to ensure that customers get exactly what they ask for, get their orders filled on time and are completely satisfied. Mark recently relocated to North Carolina and is married with 6 children.

thumbnail_marc-helton_v2For almost 15 years, Marc Helton has been on the team at Leonard Automatics. In 2001, Marc began using his technical experience to install finishing equipment at Leonard. Over the years, he learned the intricate details of how to build the whole machine inside and out. As the product line expanded, so did Helton’s experience. When Leonard integrated a state-of-the art laser cutting and bending system, he mastered its operation. When Leonard introduced a multi-lane draping stacker, he learned how to service and install it.

Helton also stepped in as Foreman of Leonard’s Manufacturing Operation for several years – providing him with invaluable knowledge of the process of building and testing all of Leonard’s finishing equipment. Most recently he returned to the Service Department as a Global Service Technician – similar to his first role at Leonard, but in a whole new evolution of the business and state-of-the art facility. In addition to the breadth of knowledge Helton brings to the company, he uses his experience for machine installations and customer training in the U.S. and abroad. His latest installations will be in Doha, Malaysia and India.

Prior to Leonard, Helton worked as a weapons technician in the Navy, building and testing Tomahawk Cruise Missiles. He is married with 2 children.