Carts Designed to Master The High Seas

SEGUIN, TEXAS — In coordination with major cruise line housekeeping managers, Tecni-Quip manufactures several models of carts to expedite housekeeping service on-board ship. Unique features have been engineered into these carts to meet maritime NORDIC and USA sanitation codes and to assure carts are stable in rough seas. All models are available in a choice of attractive décor colors and are equipped with collapsible features to assist with limited storage space that is typically on ship.

RAM: Room Attendant Models

RAM Models are available in several different styles and sizes, with optional color choices. These extremely attractive carts have adequate storage space for linens and secured drawers to place amenities neatly and in order. Locking Doors, panel or roll up styles, provide security for items when staff is performing housekeeping routines inside guest rooms. Unique, collapsible collection bag arms and platforms, fold into the cart, shrinking the carts overall length when placed into storage closets. Top storage is designed to hold supplies even in rocking motions when ship is sailing.

C- Cell: Slim line Attendant Models

Going up in height is the best method to maximize space in small corridors that are found ship board or at any facility. C- Cells unique styling, allow plenty of room in the hallways for guests to move about yet store adequate housekeeping and linen supplies for several guest quarters. Carts may be outfitted with collapsible extension arms to hold one or more soiled collection bags for waste, linen or recycling. Locking Door Panels may also be added as well as pull out drawers inside or underneath the base.

Custom Carts:

Tecni-Quip has over 30 years of expertise in designing custom carts for any industry. Our unique team of engineers and professionally trained designers: listen to your ideas and can fabricate carts affordably for your situation.

To learn more about Tecni-Quip carts or to inquire about designing a custom model for any industry – contact a TQ cart specialist today: 800-826-1245 or email

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