Clean Cycle Systems Lint and Dust Control for Laundries

SEGUIN, Texas — Clean Cycle Systems Model PF-6000 is the perfect solution to collect airborne lint in any size of laundry, coin- op, textile plant or dry cleaning establishment. This model filters 6,000 Cubic Feet of lint or dust-laden air per minute via a unique automatic cleaning ‘replaceable’ media screen. The PF-6000 is easy to install above any type of machine producing a high quantity of lint or suspended from the ceiling to collect annoying air-borne lint.

The PF-6000 is a safety feature for several reasons:

1)  Protects healthcare laundered linens from bacteria laden lint hidden on machinery, utility lines, or the ceiling that could contaminate clean processed linens.

2) Employee Health and Safety; creates fresher, healthier filtered air to breath and prevents accidents by creating a lint free laundry that is a safer workspace.

3) Safeguards valuable laundry machinery from costly service or replacement due to lint built up.thumbnail_pf-6000-airflow-diagram

PF-6000 Includes the Following Features:

  • Efficiency rate of 5 microns when clean, up to 0.5 microns in operation
  • Creates an efficient air pattern with adjustable exhaust vents
  • Each cabinet is 18 gauge-welded steel finished with chemical and oil resistant paint
  • See through doors -EZ maintenance & Inspection
  • Auto roll-up operations, 3 Filters = 3X less maintenance
  • Long life disposable filter – 6-12 months
  • No effect to ambient room temperature
  • Minimizes cross-contamination
  • 24/7/365 – continuous operation
  • Operates in multiples
  • Non-electrostatic
  • Less than 75 db
  • Ozone free

A Clean Cycle Systems Sales Engineer is available to discuss the benefits of the PF-6000 and all other details of this machine

Contact a Clean Cycle Representative at: 800-826-1245 or

For more information, visit the company’s web site at:  Clean Cycle Systems