Convertible Linen Transport Carts – Greater Choices from Tecni-Quip Carts

SEGUIN, TEXAS — Tecni-Quip manufacturing company offers “unparalleled choice of models” in “convertible” transport carts that transport clean and soiled linen!  Tecni-Quip offers a variety of fabrication materials to create 100% satisfaction and success rate in the delivery process.

Allowing for a selection of materials and custom design proves useful to those seeking carts for reasons including: superior infectious control, custom sizes, sustainability, or design control circumstances.

Stainless Steel:  The ultimate choice for several reasons including longevity, durability, infection control standards, custom models and fire-retardant properties.

Aluminum: Lightweight yet sturdy material that assures staff members are pushing an ergonomic cart that is also sustainable and extremely fire retardant from natural aluminum properties. Aluminum is also preferred for health care linen due to its ease of cleaning and sanitary properties.

Fiberglass:   A popular choice of the industry for durability and fire-retardant properties. TQ Guard, a Micro-Ban Resin, may be added to reduce contamination and creates a cart easier to clean.

Wire Models: When looking for a cost effective model, wire is the perfect choice. It is available in a variety of sizes and finishes to create a never rust product.

All models are standard with quiet all surface 6” x 2” precision sealed ball bearing wheels, superior plate casters, bumpers, and flawless construction to protect staff members and linen. All manufacturing is done in the USA at the Tecni-Quip facility.

For more information contact us at:, 800-826-1245

Or visit the company’s website: Tecni-Quip Industries