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Convertible Linen Transport in a Variety of Fabrication Materials

TECNI-QUIP offers a variety of open, enclosed and convertible style linen carts in aluminum fabrication. Since, the first linen transport cart was manufactured in 1961, TECNI-QUIP has gained the reputation of manufacturing durable carts that will last decades – and what could be greener than that? TECNI-QUIP Linen carts promise the following to assist your company in meeting green standards.

30% POST- CONSUMER MATERIAL: Manufactured of USA milled aluminum alloy composed of 30% post recycled material.

SUSTAINALBE: Aluminum has an ENDLESS life cycle. As an element; aluminum it can be recycled endlessly -never losing it strength or composition.

LONGEVITY: Aluminum carts are repairable, thus making them an investment purchase and not a disposable item. TECNI-QUIP stocks parts and a list of all customer’s past order – Facilitating fast repair of all models built since 1961.

RECYCABLE: TQ carts can be fully recycled in your community, for a profit at the end of life cycle.

DURABLE: Pound per pound, aluminum is one of the lightest and strongest weight materials on the planet. It is also extremely easy to fabricate, therefore one of the most popular choices in manufacturing. It is the premier choice for builders of: aircraft, ships, and modern automobiles to assist in achieving fuel efficiency.

CLEAN AIR: As a non-petroleum based material, aluminum omits no toxic chemicals or impurities into the air, thus making it a healthier choice for your staff.

NON COMBUSTIABLE: A typical fire burns at 1,0000F not exceeding 18000 F . Aluminum will not ignite but it will melt around 12000 F. Poly and other flammable plastics ignite at 6500 F, according to the company.

NON-CORRISIVE: Anodizing Aluminum – creates a smooth non-corrosive metal; there are various degrees of anodizing to select from, each can withstand various temperatures and conditions.