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Ecolab Dispensers

Since the 1920s, Ecolab has been developing innovations in dispensing that automate and control chemical dosing and dilution, ensure great results and deliver on cost expectations. Today, their innovations have evolved into some of the most advanced systems available. Proprietary technologies allow Ecolab to continuously monitor performance and capture and analyze data from multiple systems. Combined with their expertise, these systems help commercial laundry operators run the most efficient operations possible.

Ecolab’s Elados™ Smart Tunnel Dispenser combines reliable, accurate and electric Elados pumps with the intelligence of Chemwatch™, a real time wash floor productivity dashboard to maximize wash floor efficiencies. Chemwatch reporting on dispensers saves time, labor, energy, water and sewer costs, yielding an improved bottom line, according to the company.

* Flow sensing alarms are capable of placing the tunnel washer on hold

* Remote access for off-site monitoring

* User-friendly trilingual human machine interface (HMI)

* Capacity to dispense up to 16 chemicals simultaneously to the tunnel washer

* Calibrates at injection point; easily done with one individual

* Incorporates proof of chemical flow (POF)

Ecolab’s Ultrax Suite of Liquid Feed Dispensers for conventional washers are designed specifically for commercial laundry operations to deliver consistent quality and improve efficiencies. Like the Elados Smart, the Ultrax works in conjunction with their proprietary Chemwatch software to manage wash formulae, loading weights and chemical injections, while providing extensive reporting data and visual dashboards to manage production, loading efficiency, turn times, run times, chemical costs etc.

* PLC Controls permit remote trouble-shooting and enhanced accuracy

* Air actuated double-diaphragm pumps are highly accurate, have few wear parts, and offer excellent chemical resistance

* Designed for safe, rapid maintenance and parts changeover

* Proof of Flow for all washers

* Washer hold time is significantly reduced due to fast delivery of product

Ecolab’s commercial laundry, state of the art dispensing solutions partnered with personal service and proactive consulting drives total plant efficiencies, maximizing quality, process control and total operating costs.