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EDRO Barrier Type PassThru For Clean Rooms Washer-Extractor

EAST BERLIN, Conn. – The EDRO DynaWash® Barrier Type PassThru for Clean Rooms washer-extractor is a specialized machine used for the prevention of cross contamination in laundry.

EDRO has installed these machines in hospitals, nursing homes, clean rooms and microprocessor and semi-conductor production plant clean room laundries. Wherever soiled, and possibly contaminated, linen must be isolated from clean linen these washer-extractors provide safe separation.

The PassThru washer-extractors feature the “Clean Seal” sealing system. Soiled linen is loaded from one side and clean linen is removed from the other side of the machine thus avoiding cross-contamination.

Built flush against the sides of the Clean Seal, the design provides total separation of loading and unloading operations with better, easier installation. An uninterrupted flow of positive make-up air from the clean room side to the soiled room side continually flows through the machine while in operation, preventing airborne cross-contamination. The DynOzone – DynaWash® ozone system produces a safe, disinfected, and sanitized air stream which is injected into the wash wheel to improve wash quality.

Barrier Type PassThru for Clean Rooms washer-extractors now feature an inverter with single motor variable speed drive with high slip & positioning brake system.

Inverter with single motor drive technology is a tremendous advance in machine speed control. The design has significantly fewer parts than conventional multiple-motor set-ups with single-speed motors, clutches and gearboxes, while delivering more speed selections and greater energy efficiency.

Coupled with the programmability of the HMi/PLC, the machines are able to deliver exacting cylinder RPMs for the best wash results from wash speeds through high extract.

Multiple parameter settings allow high torque wash speeds with steep slope starts and stops and elongated slopes for even load distribution and acceleration to high extract.

High slip braking allows braking torque in excess of 100% of full load motor torque by controlling the deceleration from high speed to make the motor operate as a very efficient induction generator. The advantage of this method is that no additional parts are required to stop the machine.

The range is available in 100 (45 kg), 150 (68 kg), 200 (91 kg), 300 (136 kg) and 400 (182 kg) pound models.

For more information, visit the company’s web site: EDRO Corporation


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