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EDRO’s DynaWash – How it Works

EAST BERLIN, Conn. – EDRO DynaWash® three pocket end loader washer-extractors are based on the patented “3-D” basket design. The design not only provides excellent load balance – the basket physically separates the load, leading to reduced tangling of sheets and linens in hotel, motel and resort washrooms – but gives superior mechanical action for a dynamic wash action that maximizes whiteness retention and tensile strength.

The “D” describes the shape of each of the three compartments and comprises the following:

  • A flat perforated floor for easy loading and unloading
  • Top and bottom angled baffles for increased load separation and balancing stability
  • A fully perforated outer basket wrap with lifting rib for superior mechanical action and maximum wash water saturation

The configuration of the three compartments, and their pattern of perforation, is specifically designed to produce the seven mechanical actions that make for a good, clean wash:

Position A

  1. Big Drop – load rotation begins by dropping from 11 o’clock to 3 o’clock
  2. Secondary Drop – load rolls and continues to drop from 3 o’clock to 5 o’clock
  3. Tumble – load tumbles as it is dropped into wash water


Position B

  1. Double Squeeze – load squeezed between top / bottom angled baffles
  2. Float – load floats free to saturate in wash water


Position C

  1. Force Push – load is forced through wash water
  2. Draining – load gravity drains through basket at top of rotation


These mechanical actions, combined with unrestricted circulation of the wash solution throughout the wash and rinse steps, afford the agitation, penetration and distribution required for quality results.

The basket’s unique construction also lowers the center of gravity of the machine, allowing for a compact frame and base with a significant reduction in vibration transmission. This ensures a stable washing platform and more washing capacity in less space.

An Exceptional Value

DynaWash® washer-extractors represent exceptional value in the hospitality laundry market. The low initial investment, below-average maintenance, remarkably low operating costs, robust design and solid construction have made these machines an industry hallmark.

The machines feature single motor variable speed drives with exclusive variable step extract timing for improved load balancing and water extraction. A state-of-the art DynaTrol HMi Touch Screen Controller allows for the most specific wash programming, simple operator interface and full array of owner/supervisor productivity reporting. The controller’s integrated ozone control also provides maximum safety and ease of use of the optional DynOzone – DynaWash® Ozone System – which reduces hot water requirements and overall water consumption.

With a 50-program, 25-step field programmable wash formula capacity, the controller features manual overrides with password-protected security, operation reports on productivity including wash program reports and alarm history & logs, as well as pop-up service reminders for maintenance.

DynaWash® washer-extractors are battleship quality tough with top-quality parts and components and a machine design proven to be efficient and effective in hotel, motel and resort laundry operations throughout the world.

The range is available in 100 (45 kg), 150 (68 kg), 200 (91 kg), 300 (136 kg) and 400 (182 kg) pound models in both rigid and soft mount configuration

For more information on EDRO’s DynaWash visit the company’s web site: EDRO