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Ellis’ Key to Efficiency – The Vega SmartPRESS RP

Reliability is the key to efficiency. Machine failure is costly, and it throws off your entire workflow. For this reason, It’s best to have machines you can trust on a consistent basis. The Vega SmartPRESS RP is that machine.

The Vega SmartPRESS RP is a dependable workhorse that won’t let you down. It doesn’t buckle under stress and its high performance is due to its superior design fashion.  The standard frame for a press extractor has the pressure concentrated at the frame’s most vulnerable points—the posts. But the SmartPRESS relies on the robust Atlas Frame. The redesigned frame trades the traditional 4-column frame found on most press extractors for two 8” solid steel rectangular frames. The rectangular frames allow for superior weight distribution and a simplified construction that reduces the number of critical operation elements.

Outside of reliability, the SmartPRESS RP’s additional features make it perfectly suited for all of your press extractor needs. The SmartPRESS features a high-grade proportional control, ensuring that the system is operating within a preselected pressure range at all times. The direction of discharge can also be altered depending on your system—channeling discharge either straight through, to the left or right side.  The Vega SmartPRESS RP is Compatible with any manufactured tunnel washer.