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Ellis Shuttle & Flatbelt Conveyors

Ellis Shuttles, Shuttle Hoppers and Flatbelt Conveyors are designed to reliably reduce labor and fatigue. Heavy-duty stainless steel construction, combined with Intelligent controls, improve the textile processing accurately and reliably.

Customizable in an almost infinite number of configurations, these Shuttle and Flatbelt Conveyors are the efficient and dependable way to transfer from washing to drying or from folding to ironing.

Ellis shuttle and flatbelt conveyors, hydraulic, electronic, and combinations of the two offer material handling to assist in the moving, loading, and unloading of machines, reducing operator fatigue and improving productivity.

Automatic, semi-automatic or manual hoppers are available based on the requirement of your business

Depending on the application, custom belts can be provided, including PVC belting, intralox belting and more.


Reduces wash aisle width to less than ten feet
Can be fully automated
100% positive loading / positive transfer
Minimal maintenance required

For more information, visit the company’s web site: Ellis