Ellis Video Library, Free For 30 Days

To our Ellis Customers:

While we are all trying to handle the Covid 19 crisis, we find it important to try to think of what we can do for our customers to help them prepare for when things start to resume…and we firmly believe that they will resume!

We have spent many months if not years beginning to develop our maintenance video library (which is on our Uptime Control) for how to maintain and troubleshoot Ellis equipment. While the initial thought is that this would be a paid service, in that it costs time and money to create these, right now we would like to offer it to our customers free  for 30 days! 

Please sign up by clicking here.

These videos can be used for training or maintenance while we all prepare for business to come back. Please tell us what else you may be looking for in terms of video training and how we can be a better supplier/partner to you.  So log on and access the library free for 30 days!

We greatly appreciate your business.

Thank you and please stay safe!







Bob Fesmire Jr.