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Fibertech Laundry Trucks and Utility Carts

Fibertech wants you to feel good about the products you work with to support your company’s needs and the environment we all are working to maintain.

Fibertech Laundry Trucks and Utility Carts offer a durable, low maintenance, safe cart for transportation of linens and other products throughout the commercial laundry facilities. All Fibertech laundry and utility carts are FDA and USDA compliant and are made 100% virgin materials and all its products are 100% recyclable. With continued interest in sustainable environmental opportunities in the laundry and linen industry, Fibertech manufactures with recycled materials upon request. These carts continue to maintain their durability and lower your carbon footprint.

Fibertech offers a complete life cycle of services for reusable material handling products. With their ability for reprocessing plastic materials internally, preventing those materials from entering the waste stream, they can manufacture new product from their regrind material.

As a manufacturing company, Fibertech also offers recycling and repair services for their reusable carts and containers. They believe it is in the best interest of the industry and their company to inform potential customers of the environmental, economical, and social benefits of reusable products. Fibertech is interested in building long-term relationships with companies that have a similar interest in using cost-effective and sustainable reusable cart and container programs.

With the continued growth of Fibertech’s customer base and expansion of their Elberfeld, Ind., location they look to double production capabilities. Fibertech Inc. recently announced the installation of their NEW Ferry RS-4000, one of only a few new rotational molding machines in the country, according to the company. This addition will allow Fibertech to expand into other markets, offer quicker delivery times and run larger parts.